Pet Flights

Flying your pet from, or to, the UK from, or to, the Canary Islands.

1We offer a ´hand holding´ service to help you through what appears to be a mountain of paperwork and necessary procedures, making the process as stress free for you and your pet as possible!  Working with the major airlines, who are able to offer the pet flight service to and from the islands, we are fully up to date with details and the constantly changing requirements.


How it works
1 You complete our pet enquiry form.
1 We agree a price from airport to airport (to include the pet transport box if needed)
    and reserve the space on the relevant aircraft.
      You take your pet to and collect your pet from the nearest pet-friendly airport (or we can arrange a door to door service if required.
Forms Required
Pet preparation for air or road travel pdf.pdf
ToR01 form info sheet - for pets into the UK.pdf
Woodside pet transport enquiry form.pdf




Our Location

Calle Barcina Nº6, Poligono Industrial de El Matorral, Pto. del Rosario 35600, Fuerteventura.


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Contact Details

  • Opening hours From 09.30am To 16.30 hours | Monday to Friday
  • Tel: Office (0034) 928 344 580 | Out of Hours (0034) 666 504 625
  • Email:
English Enquiries (0034) 666 504 625
Spanish enquiries (0034) 747 722 197