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Bespoke Relocation Services

Specialists in movement and relocation of goods and prized possessions - big or small. 


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Moving Your Most Prized Possessions From A To B As If They Were Our Own


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Bespoke Relocation Services

Our premium and most popular service - relax and let us do everything. We have it all covered. Door to door and all points in between!

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Rapid Pet Transportion

Trust your pets with us, whether overland or by plane. Relax in the knowledge that your little friend in the best possible hands.

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Express Overland Service

For pets and more - we can take your most valuable possessions and transport them in our own vehicles via land and sea. Usually a three day service to or from the UK 


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+34 648 872 722 

An expert in the complex business of import and export, and keeps us, up to date with the rapidly changing rules and regulations governing shipping, freight, and movement of animals.

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+34 666 504 625

Over-seer of the whole shooting match - from office procedures, business systems, and management - to warehousing, pet transportation, and storage facilities.

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+34 615 311 304

Multi-lingual father of two takes great pride in taking time to talk to clients and answer their many questions, whilst making their relocation as hassle-free as possible.

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They answered to every single question silly or not without a problem! I cannot thank them enough for all the help and support! Thank you so so much!! 💛


Moving our stuff from England to Fuerteventura in a 20 feet container was very stressful. But Woodside could not have been better. Great service and I would highly recommend them.


Cannot thank Woodside enough, especially James for transporting my 5 dogs over from England, they all arrived safe and sound. Would not hesitate to use them again...big thumbs up.

James and Annette welcome you to Woodside Cargo SL (also trading as Relocation Services)  - the premier relocation company in the Canary Islands. 


Our main office is located in Fuerteventura, but our business is global. We pride ourselves on making your move as simple and pain-free a process as possible, and have been doing so since 2003. 

We are a complete one-stop-shop for all your relocation needs. From packing materials to shipping manifests, we do it all. 

Whether you contact us by phone, email, on our website, or here on the island in person, we can help you make that dream of a big move and a new life happen.


We know you will have a good and stress-free experience with us and it will be a pleasure to work on your relocation project together. 


How can we make your move happen?


James & Annette


We are always happy to hear from our clients as to how we can enhance and improve our service, please feel free to contact me personally with any suggestions.

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Call Today on: +34 928 344 580 OR +44 (0)7365 734 003